Affordable Climate Controlled Storage Daphne AL

Searching for an affordable solution for climate control storage Daphne AL residents can rely on? Look no further because Daphne Toy Box Storage has the answer! Our climate controlled units have regulated temperature and humidity levels to keep your items safe. High temperature and humidity levels can warp, crack or split wood or leather furniture. These units are great for furniture, electronics, important documents photographs or anything that needs to be kept at a certain temperature to sustain!

At Daphne Toy Box Storage we have 3 options of climate control storage Daphne AL that are perfect for these items. You may think you don’t have enough items for a storage unit, but we offer small climate storage units that we know will be perfect for you! With common uses like moving, home renovations, or just need extra space around the home or business; our offerings will sure accommodate what you need. If you need tips on packing to get the most out of your unit, just talk to our friendly team. We will be glad to help maximize your space with the tall ceilings we have available.

Finding a safe climate controlled storage Daphne unit is something you don’t have to worry about. You can store your items safely knowing we will keep them at the temperature they need to be to stay how they are. It’s not only our dedication to our customers that set us apart, but also our commitment to keeping our customer’s items safe. We want to offer you exceptional value for your hard earned money. Booking your climate controlled storage Daphne AL has never been more easy with us. Check out the best Daphne climate controlled storage units today!

Climate Controlled Storage Daphne, AL
Climate Controlled Storage Daphne
Climate Storage Daphne AL

All Sorts of Sizes Available for Climate Controlled Storage Daphne, AL

When our customers have a need to store their precious belongings in a climate controlled storage either short or long term, then we have the perfect solution with various sizes to choose from. If you need some basic climate controlled storage Daphne, AL options like an smaller indoor unit then we have exactly what you’re looking for. Our interior units come in 10x18, 10x20, and 10x25. If you need some larger solutions with air conditioning where you can back up your truck, then we have quite a couple options with 18x35 and 18x50 sizes available. Featuring large easy to use roll-up doors and tons of paved access, they are a perfect fit for those who need to worry about air-conditioned space to control the humidity. Our facility is designed to battle that blazing summer heat to keep all of your items protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week while stored at our location. There is a reason so many put their trust in us for a Daphne AL storage unit climate control option.

Our new facility features options to choose from with interior units that are perfect for those more sensitive storage needs or humidity controlled atmosphere. Whether you are moving, needing to store business items, or renovating your home then we have just the solution to keep your items safe until you are ready for them again. All the units feature tall ceilings that allow our customers to stack items roughly 8 ft tall. Tons of space! The buildings are air conditioned and maintained 24 hours a day. Every interior unit requires access to the main doors for extra security with plenty of lighting to navigate around. You’ll notice plenty of pest control stations to keep out the rodents and our facility is regularly sprayed as well.

If you need something larger for those fancy RVs, classic cars, or boats then we have something for you too. At Daphne Toy Box Storage we know our customers need options to keep their adult toys safe and  secured out of the weather elements so we made sure to have an ample amount of storage units for those larger needs when our indoor units are too small. Here you will find the perfect options for self storage that can house anything and everything including items that need plenty of room. We have two sizes available both plenty wide enough to fit anything you need. The sizes are 18x35 and 18x50 that both come with electricity inside the unit and climate control options. On the exterior of your unit, there is water access to handle any cleaning needs while at your storage unit. Our team believes we have covered everything you need in a climate controlled storage Daphne, AL locals trust to rest easy at night knowing everything is safe with us.

Why Choose Us for Climate Storage Daphne Alabama Trusts

When searching for the best place for climate storage Daphne, look no further because At Daphne Toy Box Storage, we offer one of the very few locations for small climate storage Daphne AL. Besides the obvious reasons for storing your precious belongings indoors out of the weather elements, there are several positives to choose us. We offer 24 hour a day access with a secured access via keyed entry codes to the facility with an added layer of protection accessing your Daphne climate storage.

Among the basic features of any other climate controlled storage near me in Daphne AL, we take it a step further! Here you are under 24/7 video surveillance with high fencing coupled with plenty of lighting around the perimeter. We also have ample amount of room for you to turn around or back in your vehicle into your unit if renting a larger unit or near the large entry doors to the indoor facility area. No need to worry about driving through wet grass or mud at our location because just about everywhere you will go is a paved surface or packed gravel to keep you and your vehicle clean the entire time at our location. We also maintain contracts for pest control to help keep critters out of your unit and our buildings. Put your trust in us like the rest of Baldwin County in Daphne, Alabama for all your climate storage needs. Give us a call or book a unit online today right here on our website.

Everything You Need in Climate Controlled Storage Near Daphne

24-hour Access
24/7 Digital Video Surveillance
Drive-up Access
Amazing Customer Service
Online Payments
Climate Controlled
Onsite Security Features
Pest Control Monitoring
Variety of Sizes Available
Climate Controlled Storage Near Daphne AL
Climate Controlled Storage Daphne AL
Climate Control Storage in Daphne AL

Frequently Asked Questions on Climate Control Storage in Daphne AL

Looking for a quick answer on a frequently asked question that our team gets all the time for climate control storage in Daphne AL? We got you covered! Browse below some of the more common FAQs we get often from our new customers who are looking for a climate controlled storage unit near Daphne. If you still have questions or don't see yours answered below, give us a call! Our experienced team is standing by ready to help determine which unit best suits your needs.

Q: Do all units have air conditioned storage space?

A; No, only our climate controlled units are constantly air conditioned. They control the humidity and temperature keeping your items safe and secured. No worries with moisture issues here when getting a Daphne AL storage unit climate control capability.

Q: Do the climate controlled areas have electricity inside the storage space?

A: No, only our larger units have electricity such as boat, rv, and car storage spaces. Our climate controlled areas are more along the small to medium sized solutions.

Q: Can I access the indoor facility for my storage space at any time?

A: Yes, you can gain access to your rented space at any given time of the day. We have a secured keyed access to the property as well as the building with tons of lighting and security cameras.

Q: Can I live in my storage space since it has AC?

A: No, you cannot live in your storage area even though it is air conditioned or climate controlled. It is against our policy and will result in immediate dismissal from our property.

Q: How big of a door do you have to access the building?

A: We have double door access, roughly 72 inches wide, allowing you to use a cart or dolly to transport your items to your storage space. The building has access on both sides as well as the middle area for your convenience.

Daphne AL Climate Controlled Storage Availability

10x18 Climate Control (18 x 10)

10x18 Climate Control Unit

$180 $90 / month
50% off 1st and 2nd month rental fees

10x20 Climate Control Unit (20 x 10)

10x20 Climate Control Unit

$190 $95 / month
50% off 1st and 2nd month rental fees

10x25 Climate Control (25 x 10)

10x25 Climate Control Unit

$225 $112.50 / month
50% off 1st and 2nd month rental fees